Interactive In-Home Assessment

Find out what home standby generator is right for the needs of your home by scheduling an in-home assessment with Shockwave Electric LLC.

When Shockwave Electric LLC comes to your home you will receive
a free interactive in-home sales/video presentation that will dramatically
improve your generator selection experience by actively engaging you in
every step of the decision making process.  More importantly our
Interactive Home Tools will give you a hands-on approach to what life
would look like during the next power outage, and immediately lets you
see the results of your chosen backup power solution.  

Once the assessment is complete we will deliver a professional, customized,
installed price instantly. The estimate will provide information on multiple
home standby solutions; provide product specifications, cost breakdowns,
payment and financing options—and much more.

Let Shockwave Electric LLC help you choose your backup power system. In your home. For free!

Give us a call at (985) 790-9125 or  contact us  by email, and we would be happy to schedule your assessment today!